March 21, 2009

few days ago me,sabrina n jia kent when to ou n watch movie...thought of plannin to watch chun li 1...but jia kent late reach we change our movie..

we reach there i teman her go mph..she say she wan to buy some books...den i saw a book about leehom!! huh!!xD..but i dun have a camera,so cant take pic of it.T.T...nvm..den later we go to the old wing of ou..there have a event call 'music festival'...i serious wan to kill myself dat time cus i saw lee hom the both old 1 is only 9.90!!!i was like!!OMG!!!y i buy the cd...T.T...den sabrina but alot leh...she use 50 bucks to buy 4 cd...siao...the book also buy like almost 100 i rich man...xD..

den we go mcD n makan lo..den we keng kai talk about alots of stuff...den we saw 1 pbc punya student la...cum over n say hi to me...den i was like...blur-ing..xD..

sabrina:aiyor...let taman sea ppl saw us leh..
sabrina:later we all "chuan fei wen ah"!!
me:haha!!nth 1...means dat we at taman sea quite a level lo..xD

den later jia kent cum over n join us..but he was late la..we miss dat chunli movie..den we watch watchmen...dat movie 3 hours man..nt 3 la..almost n sabrina watch till damn sien...say dat faster la...end dat movie la..xD..jia kent watch till half ciao adi...cus he wanted to join his cousin n watch maraton..xD...but dat movie ah..very violence...n some part cut adi 1...nt nice...if wan to watch pls buy a dvd n watch..xD

den i think i goin to start my college may dat time...i am goin to study at tar college la...den everyday goin to take lrt go and cum anyone dat wan to ask me out...must be 1 week be4 la...den i can tel u dat i am free...cus i must set my scedule once a week..xD

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