March 8, 2009

yesterday me and jia kent planning to go jaya 1 but we duno how to go...den jia kent ask me to drive my car n go together to jaya 1..xD..

den wait till 1.30 jia kent arrive,den we go show off our piano skill..xD..fuyoh...we all almost the same la...xD.almost da geng la..xD..den we r goin to start our journey...before we start..we go n stick the sticker P,but we take about half and hour to stick that thing up!! n jia kent like keep on argue like no la..u noe how to stick anot 1?!xD...

den we start our car...den i keep on 'sei for' 4 duno 6,7 times..xD..kenot blame 1..cus long time didn drive adi..n i still duno how to control my car,den every single time i 'sei for' he sure say oh shit!!xD..den slowly jia kent feel scare adi..xD..den we go 'long kai' 1st..xD..den i drive till somewhere near ss2 but haven reach yet there yet..den i was like,duwan la,to scare adi leh..if wan next time 1st la..he was like keep on laughin frm the start of the journey,haiz..den i say lets release stress together,den i put the wang lee hom song..xD,seriously damn nice leh..xD..

den we go makan at ming tian,lucky there got parking..can straight away go in..xD..den later we go find sabrina,but she is not at home,haiz..potong..we also wanted to find cheecheng n chee ying 1..but duno where is their house...haiz...den we end up cum back my home lo..cus cnt go anywhere further adi..xD..den end up at my house n play ps2..wrestling..i mean the game la..xD

den later i go work..kinda busy la..workin..but just for awhile only..den later jenn yee and her family cum in to my shop..and she didn notice funny,just look at her face la..looking at the cake so serious...den later they almost ciao dat time i go and ask jenn yee 'may i help u miss?'...den she wanted to say no then she saw me n then she just say OMG!!!CHEEGUAN!!AH!!AH!!!CHEEGUAN AH!!!

den my collegue ask ur fren ah?hahaha!!no fans!!she like didn see before star like dat..scream for her superstar..xD..den later not much things happen la..funny la jenn yee..xD

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