May 11, 2009

outing at timequare/sg wang

Outing with 3 of my friends, 1st Mabel aka Ma bao doi (she is so call going to kill me..xD),Ah Wai aka siao wei ,Kah Choon aka cartoon...when to timesquare...2nd time la...very cha 1 lo...go timesquare to time only...and actually today was Ah Wai last day here,he is going back to his hometown,and going Australia after 2 4 of us decide to go out lo...

Reach to kelana jaya station,saw ming huey..still the same...duno why she always saw me and just laugh and go...nvm....reach bahagia around 1.20....saw Ah Wai and Kah Choon taking Ah Wai’s bag and Kah choon wear till abit like lala zhai....abit only...cus his shirt white colour shirt with dots on it and a yellow outfit...dont image la..xD...and then wait for Ma bao doi to come...xD...den we take the lrt to masjid jamik and swith train to plaza something...forgot adi la...cus he need to some ticket to go back and leave his bags there...and we went out of it wanted to take taxi to timesquare...that taxi driver wanted to charge us 20$ man! I straight away say no...take the lrt more better...

Reach timesquare and 1st stop we when food court and eat...Ah Wai keep on complain that if the food no nice he want refund back...haven eat and even haven buy it yet den start for me...dont know why there was alots of hot chick around there...cus is Monday leh...not weekends...and ofcouse we chat alot of things la...because both of them are still and Mabel just chat with them la..teman la..xD..later we go and walk around timesquare...I saw some sweeter very nice 1...but 80 bucks leh...ask him to make it 60 or 65 also didn buy...when in to one of the shop that sell those saloon stuff...saw a shopkeeper... should I say shopkeeper ah? The owner also a joker la..cus Ah Wai his hair very he ask how to recover it...

Ah wai: how to make it not so dry ah? should I buy those moisturizer ah??

Owner: no need to waste money, just let your hair grow longer and...

Me:shave it!!(the owner haven finish his word and I just get in..xD)shave it problem 1...xD

Owner:wa!?your friend ah?!keep on zat you 1??we zat him back la!xD

Then I really got kena zat back by him...but I have no feelings la cus I am totally immune to it...xD..then I say lou ban(means boss),what lou ban?! I very lou ban meh?!(means old fashion)xD...den i saw some fake hair la...den I still continue to ask Ah Wai to shave his hair and ask him to put it on la..xD..such a friend I am..xD..den we finish timesquare and we wanted to have bowling...then they say sungai wang to we when there...on our way...saw some clothing for womens la...if u know what I mean..xD..den I ask Ah Wai want a not, I buy for him...xD...

Den we reach there the 6th floor of sungai wang and we didn see the bowling thing went to ask those people work there, then they say the bowling close down already... I kena sabo man....but lucky I bought myself a shirt la...sweeter la...den Ah Wai wanted to have his hair cut so we wait for him to cuts his hair...while waiting...we went out to take some random picture...

So after 1 hour,he finally finish his hair cut...and is also Ah Wai need to go back his hometown we take our last hope he will faster come back and then we go genting la!!xD...

May 2, 2009

LEE HOM CONCERT(walkthrough)

ee hom concert,i had been dream of this day for long time already man....waiting for it for 2 years and lee hom came..xD...the whole concert is so cool man means like a superhero character....ex: superman , batman , etc la...I take lrt train and switch train to bukit jalil...went to this concert with ee wen and pei wen(my classmate la)....XXXXpicXXXX
this concert was bigger then the one 2 years ago...maybe is because of the numbers of the people..xD..but this concert sit till very far man...the camera I borrow from Carena need to need to zoom all way to see it leh...and is not very clear too

starting with 2 opening guest , Daniel lee and Kay.... Daniel come out they cheer for him la...but when Kay come out everyone was like boo!!!boo!!! damn sad case 1 lo...if I was her...but she still sing very well la..XD

so is lee hom turn,i scream like mad man...haven’t start the concert almost no sound already..xD..and as I thought lee hom coming down from the top..xD..holding his yengness guitar

he started with a few songs...(yao guan zhe me le?,W-H-Y,hua tian chuo,long de cuan ren)..and his take out his bahamut guitar,super yengness...1st time I thought is like a plastic toy , but is not leh...1 word..yeng..xD

overall the whole concert is about rocking 1 la...he focus more on the guitar, alot of songs also use xing chuan gan..etc...and lee hom dancing solo u noe!!but I duno y the newspaper didn’t write it out,cus lee hom very rare that he dancing , and is a solo u noe ,and he noe how to B box man!!xD...and lee hom suddenly appear inside the crowd and my friends was looking for him, where he go?!where he go?!xD...and one part I hate the most...I was recording,and the security use the torchlight and flash on me when lee hom singing (ni bu zhai) just record half only...

lee hom concert pic!!xD

jia kent will love this pic alot...xD


having vocal class in the morning,and is our 1st recording and jia kent have our 1st recording at our vocal class was a bad try for my 1st time la...get in to the room and feel so nervous man....jia kent and our teacher,micheal were talking inside the room den when they close the door it feel so quiet man...cant heard anything leh....

is me...yeng leh...

my teacher...micheal..xD

this is memang macam yes la..xD

my teacher giving advice..xD


macam yes


May 1, 2009

Friday night Clubbing!!!

24 april 09

i almost finish working adi..and i think dat was my last day ba...yea...den my manager ask all of us want to go clubbing anot,didn go be4 so wan to go they quickly sent me back home and bath and make up leng chai abit leng chai ma..xD..

went to the curve..."scarlet"..saw alot of hot chicks man...omg...i was like just look at those girls is enough started just sitting around...den my supervisor cant tahan adi...go "wan sek"adi...i dun really understand dat time...den saw those people damn open wei...touch here touch there 1 leh...omg....den just simply dance only la...but den very high...xD...i didn eat pills ah,xD....but alot of hot chick ah!!! time must call more ppl go adi..xD