December 15, 2007

I was addited to ENCHANTED!!!O.O!!!

OMG!!i was listening to the song 3 days non-stop!!i really addited to enchanted movie!!this is the 1st movie i addited!!! i am more crazy about this then resident evil now!!!OMG!!! and i just keep on listen to that song until i didn have my training!!!!shit!!!what to do...i really loving it man!!!hahaha!!!
she is so pretty!!OMG!!! O.O!!!hi sexy!!XD
is she waiting for me?(perasan betul)XD

O.O!!!ah!!is a rat!!!XD haha....the place she think is andalasia....haha..XD the evil queen!!!so ugly....and old...XD haiz..........i hope that guy can be me....i am so jealous....haiz

haha...i love this part!!!

next time must buy this cd and watch it again!!!or anyone have the cd?can lend it to me??XD

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