May 2, 2009

LEE HOM CONCERT(walkthrough)

ee hom concert,i had been dream of this day for long time already man....waiting for it for 2 years and lee hom came..xD...the whole concert is so cool man means like a superhero character....ex: superman , batman , etc la...I take lrt train and switch train to bukit jalil...went to this concert with ee wen and pei wen(my classmate la)....XXXXpicXXXX
this concert was bigger then the one 2 years ago...maybe is because of the numbers of the people..xD..but this concert sit till very far man...the camera I borrow from Carena need to need to zoom all way to see it leh...and is not very clear too

starting with 2 opening guest , Daniel lee and Kay.... Daniel come out they cheer for him la...but when Kay come out everyone was like boo!!!boo!!! damn sad case 1 lo...if I was her...but she still sing very well la..XD

so is lee hom turn,i scream like mad man...haven’t start the concert almost no sound already..xD..and as I thought lee hom coming down from the top..xD..holding his yengness guitar

he started with a few songs...(yao guan zhe me le?,W-H-Y,hua tian chuo,long de cuan ren)..and his take out his bahamut guitar,super yengness...1st time I thought is like a plastic toy , but is not leh...1 word..yeng..xD

overall the whole concert is about rocking 1 la...he focus more on the guitar, alot of songs also use xing chuan gan..etc...and lee hom dancing solo u noe!!but I duno y the newspaper didn’t write it out,cus lee hom very rare that he dancing , and is a solo u noe ,and he noe how to B box man!!xD...and lee hom suddenly appear inside the crowd and my friends was looking for him, where he go?!where he go?!xD...and one part I hate the most...I was recording,and the security use the torchlight and flash on me when lee hom singing (ni bu zhai) just record half only...

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